Best Life Insurance Rates for Seniors Over 85

Best Life Insurance Rates for Seniors Over 85

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When deciding the type of coverage that is best for your specific needs, it is good to determine your goal in taking out a life insurance policy.

Whole life insurance for seniors offers financial protection that can cover the cost of your death, legacy creation and other, estate related matters.

Often there are little to no health questions depending on the size of the policy. Typically, there is no medical exam.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Seniors over 85


There are many reasons why life insurance without medical exam policy the right option for you might be.

You need to compare and pick up the right policy according to demand and financial preference.

Some of the reasons for getting no exam policy could be:

# You want life insurance coverage right away without delay. An average, the underwriting for life insurance could take 4 to 8 weeks. You could get coverage from a no medical exam life policy within days if you qualify.

# You just want to avoid doing a physical exam and be able to protect your family.

# You need to make sure that your family or loved ones are not stuck with the expenses for funeral and more. In this case, the no exam life insurance for seniors will be the ideal policy to give the peace of mind that you need. Regardless of what happens, you will know that your family is covered.

The main drawback with this life insurance is that the policy is more expensive than the one that requires a medical exam.

No Questions or Exams: Guaranteed acceptance life insurance

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance is a policy that senior citizens can buy online without having to answer detailed health questions or take an intrusive medical examination.

All that you need to do is meet the age qualifications (frequently between 50 and 90) and pay the premiums on time.

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance does not ask any health questions that might point to premature death. This option appeals to seniors with known illnesses that stop them from buying other coverage. Taking out a policy without health questions could make sense if your history fits any of these categories.

  • Cancer patients – even stage 4
  • Brittle diabetics Hepatitis B carriers
  • Drug addicts
  • HIV AIDS sufferers
  • Kidney transplant recipients
  • Ulcerative colitis patients

What is Simplified issue life insurance: Life Insurance Seniors over 85?

Simplified issue life insurance will require that you answer health questions on its new policy application. The company must weed out people likely to pass away very soon in order to offer immediate coverage.

Therefore, expect a declination if you answer yes to any health questions like these.

  • Are you currently confined to a hospital, long-term care, or hospice facility?
  • Have you been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS?
  • Are you an organ donor recipient of on a waiting list?
  • Have you been treated for a major health condition in the last 12 months?
    • Heart attack
    • Stroke
    • Circulatory surgery
  • Do you have plans for foreign travel?
  • Has your driver license been revoked or suspended?
  • Have you been arrested or convicted for a felony or misdemeanor?
  • Do you intend to fly as a pilot, student pilot, or crewmember?
  • Do you intend to engage in any dangerous avocations?
    • Car racing
    • Motorcycle racing
    • Hang gliding
    • Scuba diving
  • Have you had an application for insurance declined or modified?
Why you need Life Insurance for Seniors over 85.

Death is a pretty fragile topic, and many individuals avoid talking about it because of how excruciating it can be for them.

Nobody likes to think about the end of their lives, regardless of how old they are.

The fact is that funerals nowadays can turn out to be very expensive.

There is burial service, cemetery plot, and headstone, the cost of the casket, memorial service parade, and other miscellaneous costs included.

Funeral expense insurance is intended to take out this financial burden with the goal that families can concentrate on grieving and mourn their loved one’s death.


How much a Life Insurance over 85 costs?

The cost is dictated by three key factors.

Health: The applicant’s health history will have a major effect on the policy structure and price. This is because each company has separated underwriting standards and the type of health risks, they are willing to take on.

Age: Once you receive coverage your price will never change no matter how old you get. Although your initial price will be dictated heavily by the age you are when coverage is initially awarded.

Gender: Female premiums are cheaper than male premiums. This is for a variety of reasons but the most obvious is that on average men live four years shorter than women.

How about Term Life Insurance for Seniors?

Term life insurance is best for people who are still young and do not have any major illnesses but want to look into it.

They’re higher both in terms of death benefits and premiums.

What are the best Insurance Companies for Life Insurance Seniors No Medical

Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 85 Companies

  • Best Overall: Pacific Life
  • Best for Term Life Policy: John Hancock
  • Best for Whole Life Policy: Penn Mutual
  • Best for Estate Planning: Northwestern Mutual
  • Best for High Coverage Amounts: Principal Life Insurance
  • Best for Final Expenses: AIG
  • Best for Indexed Life: Transamerica
  • Best for Full Death Benefits: New York Life
  • Best for Poor Health: Mutual Omaha


Where to Buy the Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 85 No Medical

Every company has a different list of health-related questions.

Therefore, it pays to work with a broker with connections to many companies.

They can match your profile to find the company with the highest approval odds – given your history.

Compare rates on the Life Insurance for Seniors over 85, you will instantly receive a handful of Life Insurance quotes for seniors.

As a result, you’ll be comparing the best Life insurance for seniors’ rates and the most affordable life insurance quotes for seniors.

Using the quoting tool, you’ll be shopping the most affordable rates to find the best life insurance over 85 plans, click Here!

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