Best Life Insurance Seniors over 80 No Medical Exam

It’s never too late to get covered. No matter what the price is it’s still worth it. At the end of the day you’ll realize that it’s more financially sound to apply for coverage even if you’re over 80 rather than leave your family with nothing once the unexpected happens.

Online life insurance quotes for seniors over 80
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Shopping for Life Insurance Online – Illustration: Erik Minter

Life Insurance Seniors Over 80 with Health ISSUES

Don’t assume you will not qualify for a normal seniors life insurance policy because you are taking some medications. Insurance companies know that as we age we will be taking medications for such things as high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as some others and in many instances they will still issue a policy at normal or standard rates.

Mintco Financial Team of Independent Advisors are experts at both asking the questions;and then getting quotes from a number of companies based on these answers. Mintco Financial works to get the best rates.

Do not procrastinate on purchasing life insurance, as we age, not only does it get more expensive but there is always the risk that health will deteriorate and we will no longer be able to purchase any life insurance at an affordable cost. This is the biggest issue we face with finding affordable life insurance over the age of 50 after the health issue.

Suggest to your children to get some permanent insurance now and, if possible to pay it off in 20 years so that they have the paid up life insurance when they are seniors.

Guaranteed Life Insurance Seniors over 80 No Medical Exam

Ignore all the hype on TV and radio advertising about seniors life insurance policies.These guaranteed issue life insurance policies are very expensive as people with medical issues tend to purchase them as they have no other choices. The burial insurance for seniors that are sold pre need specialists can be even more expensive. Talk to an insurance broker who should ask you about your health and then provide options for your insurance.

Seniors should never purchase mortgage insurance through their financial institution.There are many reasons for seniors not to purchase life insurance from their financial institution. It is critical for those looking for life insurance over the age of 60 if there is a chance it will not be paid off by age 69 as the coverage could end at that age. In addition, bank mortgage insurance is far more expensive than traditional life insurance as you age.

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