Best Miami- Tampa Fee Only Financial Advisor

A financial advisor who is only compensated by fees is known as a fee-only advisor. Fee only advisors can charge a flat retainer, an hourly rate, or a percentage of assets that are managed by the advisor.

Fee-only advisors are held to the highest standards and almost always operate as a fiduciary.

A fiduciary has a legal obligation to give advice that in the client’s best interest.

When choosing a fee-only financial advisor one of the benefits is that you will not worry about a conflict of interest.

What is a Fee-Only Financial advisor?

  • The advisor works directly and exclusively for the client
  • Advisor is a Fiduciary required by law to act in your best interest
  • Registers as an Investment Advisor; is not a securities broker employed by a broker/dealer firm
  • Advisor compensation is fully disclosed and paid directly by the client
  • There is no additional compensation when a product is purchased
  • Any conflicts that may arise are fully disclosed (i.e.- Should you pay off a mortgage early versus investing when there is an AUM fee)
  • Advisor is completely independent from any financial product providers
  • Advisor is not beholden to an “approved” list of products/strategies dictated by a broker/dealer firm
  • Product recommendations are based on what is best for the client, not advisor commission

Why Choose a fiduciary Financial Advisor

  • Whatever payment model your advisor uses, make sure she’s a fiduciary — that means she must act in your best interests. A nonfiduciary only has to help you in a way that’s considered “suitable” for your needs.
  • Think of it this way “You wouldn’t expect to go to a Ford dealership and the salesman to say, ‘Now that I’ve gotten to know you, I think a Honda might be a better fit for you.’”
  • A fiduciary would be required to tell you about the Honda. A nonfiduciary? Not so much.

Mintco Financial Independent Advisors

We have been named one of the best fee-only financial planners in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida , and Western New York.

We have a local office in Tampa, Florida and Buffalo,NY.

We have been serving clients all over the country.

We serve people from the public and private sectors, from early career to post-retirement.

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