Best Term Life Insurance Rates in New York

Best Term Life Insurance Rates in New York

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Life insurance in New York is one of the oldest coverage products that remain on the shelf today, and it is still as valuable as it was 500 years ago.

Life insurance is a product that covers you for a set amount, which is paid out to the beneficiary of your choice upon your death. This payout is both tax-free and transacted in a lump sum.

We must understand that our lives and property can be jeopardized at any moment.

Unforeseen events may result in a loss of income, possibly putting you and your dependents at financial risk.

The last thing you want after working so hard to earn your money is for an unplanned event to wipe you out.

Insurance is simply a safety net that protects your assets in the event of a life event that necessitates a significant sum of money to resolve.

An insurance broker or financial planner will spend time getting to know you and understanding your needs and goals, which is one of the first steps in assisting you in developing a financial plan.

Health, auto, disability, life, home, and business insurance should all be included in your policy.

Essentially, you want to safeguard something of significant value to ensure that you (and your loved ones) are financially safe.

If you have the right insurance, you can turn a major tragedy into a minor inconvenience.


Why Purchase Life Insurance in New York? Best Term Life Insurance Rates in New York


Our ability to earn an income is arguably our largest asset. It’s usually worth more than a house, a car, or anything else we might own.


Losing the ability to earn an income is a BIG risk for most families.


This risk is largest when you have people who are dependent on your income. If you were to pass away unexpectedly this would cause a major financial setback for your dependents.


Typically, when we think of dependents we think of small children or a lower-income spouse or partner. But dependents could also be aging parents, dependent siblings, extended family, or even friends, etc.


How much Life Insurance coverage should I get?

The amount of coverage that a person needs depends on their own unique circumstances.


Your cover need will incorporate debts such as your mortgage and should also include an ongoing sum that will help your family move forward.


Some employers provide insurance that pays out a lump sum if you die so you should check if there is anything in place and take that into account.


How long should I remain covered?

When you take out Life Insurance you decide how long you need your coverage for.


You might take various factors into consideration, such as the term of your mortgage, the age of your dependents, and when you intend to retire.


In general, you will be aiming to have your cover in place for as long as it is needed.


How much will Life Insurance cost me?


The good news is that life insurance premiums are not as expensive as you might think.


Factors that influence the cost of your insurance coverage include:

  • Your age
  • Health considerations
  • Your smoking habits.
  • The term of your cover

Putting cover in place could really give your peace of mind for the future.


Purchasing Affordable Life Insurance. Best Term Life Insurance in New York


Purchasing life insurance is important in many situations, but it’s also important that it’s affordable and fits into your monthly budget.


Term life insurance is one of the most affordable life insurance options available.


The cost of term life insurance it’s typically very reasonable (even downright cheap when purchased while you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s) and the payments only last for a specific term like 10 or 20 years.


Young families have a high need for life insurance coverage, but they also have a lot of demands on their cash flow.


Purchasing affordable life insurance is an important part of their overall financial plan and the cost of life insurance needs to fit into their monthly cash flow.


When DON’T I need life insurance?


Do you always need life insurance when you have children or a spouse? Not necessarily.


If your family won’t face unbearable financial consequences, then you may not need life insurance at all. The key is to decide what is “unbearable” given your unique financial situation.


Thinking about life insurance is emotional.


Thinking about life insurance can be difficult.


It’s an emotional topic and difficult to consider rationally.


Having a trusted financial planner or life insurance agent can help ensure you make a rational decision.


If you need help deciding on life insurance, or if you want a full review of your financial situation, consider starting a financial plan with us.


We can help you walk through the life insurance decision and see how it fits within your overall financial plan. 

Life Insurance is a vital part of a Financial Planning

Life is a long journey that includes a variety of financial goals and entails many unforeseen circumstances. You will always strive to ensure a brighter and safer future for your loved ones and having a sound financial plan in place can go a long way toward making it a reality.

Financial planning is a structured approach to determining if your assets or resources are sufficient to meet your financial goals or cover any unanticipated expenses in the future.

Any financial plan would be incomplete without a life insurance policy. As you get older, decide to get married, buy a house, start a family, and retire, life insurance keeps assuming more importance.

One thing that is typical about life is that it is unpredictable. The volatility that life brings forth to each one of our lives makes us seek the assurance of security, especially monetary security so that we can deal with most situations.

And thus, we trust life insurance policies to give us a sense of security to carry our long-term plans.

A life insurance policy is a security that you can count on.

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At Mintco Financial, we’re committed to making life insurance more flexible, accessible, and affordable.

We understand that taking out a life insurance policy is serious business, that’s why we compare the leading life insurance providers in the country and allow you to tailor your search to your individual budget and circumstances.

Our experienced life team is on hand to guide you through every step of the process, so if you need support planning for your family’s future, get in touch.

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