Burial Insurance or Final Expense Insurance enables families to properly grieve their loved ones without the burden of unplanned costs.

Burial Insurance is an affordable whole life insurance plan that can help paying bills associated with final medical expenses, funeral or memorial services, and the price of burial or cremation.

Dying can be expensive, what with having to pay for a casket, tombstone, burial plot, etc.
The average burial in the United States today costs approximately $9,000.

Many carriers offer simplified underwriting for final expense policies.

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Which means:

  • Monthly premiums are guaranteed to never increase;
  • The policy is non-cancellable except for non-payment;
  • Coverage cannot decrease;
  • Your policy never expires;
  • No physical or medical exams are required to apply;
  • Death Benefit (cash) is paid out tax-free to your beneficiaries.

Is Burial
a Smart

Burial and funeral insurance is worth it for many seniors and their families.

However, it should be considered on a case-to-case basis to make sure it is truly the best option for your specific financial situation.

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