Cheap Florida Life Insurance Quotes

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What is the cheap Florida Life Insurance Quotes?

The cheapest type of Life Insurance is term life insurance.  Like renting, you are covered for the agreed upon time period which could be anything from 5 to 40 years.  Term life insurance is often purchased because it is the least expensive of all types of policies. You pay only the cost of insurance and fees, and if you stop paying the premium, the policy simply lapses. It has no cash value except to the beneficiary upon your death.


How to get the cheapest Life Insurance?

The largest influencing factor on life insurance prices are the health of the individual being insured. Factors such as whether or not your smoke, and what your height/weight are go a long way towards determining your annual insurance premiums. Individuals that smoke can pay 3-4x the amount that healthier, non-smokers will have to pay in premiums.

The lowest, most affordable policy is often offered when you’re young. However, you can find a low cost life insurance policy regardless of your age. Talk to an agent, pick a policy based on your needs and income and be honest.


How to compare life insurance quotes?

You may think life insurance comparison is challenging, but it’s not because half of your work is already done. Place your online insurance quote next to any other quotes you have. You want to pick the most affordable life insurance, but consider these questions during your comparison.

– Do your benefits and/ or premium vary each year?

– How much cash value can you accumulate in the policy?

– What part of the benefits or premiums of your policy is not guaranteed?

– Are policy fees built into your premiums?

– If you’re thinking about a term policy, is it convertible to a whole life policy regardless of your health?

– Does the policy have dividends (the cash value portion)?

If you’re comparing the new quotes and your current policy, you want to answer some additional questions such as:

– Does the level of benefits decrease or increase?

– Does the new quotes match your insurance needs better than the old policy?


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