Cost of Life Insurance Buffalo NY- WNY

Cost of Life Insurance Buffalo NY- WNY is  based on several factors such as age, gender, nicotine use and health status, among others. 

Age is the main factor for the cost of a life insurance policy, but there are others.

Some of the others are gender, smoking and pre-existing health conditions of various types.

Unlike health insurance, pre-existing health conditions are allowed to be considered by life insurers in accepting or denying applications and in the terms upon which life insurance policies are issued.


Two Types of Life Insurance – Term and Permanent

There are two types of life insurance – term insurance, and permanent.

Term insurance is for a set period of time and a set amount of coverage, for example: $500,000 for 10 years. After the 10 years runs out your coverage ends, unless you have a convertible policy.

Term Insurance is the low-cost, temporary insurance protection. It is generally used to meet a temporary need (example – mortgage protection) or a need for a large amount of insurance at the lowest possible initial price.

Permanent insurance does not expire and these policies combine a death benefit with a savings portion. Thus, they are more expensive than term, but they are more beneficial than term for certain individuals and situations.

Why Buy Life Insurance Buffalo NY- WNY?

When you plan for the future, one of the things you count on is continued income for yourself and your family. Your premature death could result in a drastic reduction of your family’s standard of living.

There are no U-turns on the road of life.

We are all travelling on an inevitable trip from birth to eventual death.

You may die sooner than expected or hopefully live a long and prosperous life.

Life insurance addresses the tragedy of premature death by providing tax free funds to help survivors who depended on you, get on with their lives.

A death in the family is a life-altering event, but life insurance can minimize the financial strain, by helping you to:

  • Pay death-related expenses (funeral costs and income tax)
  • Maintain your family’s standard of living
  • Make sure any important plans stay on track (saving for a home or your children’s education, etc.)

Life insurance is also an important part of your financial security.

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