When most people reach the age of 65 and up, without having a lifestyle insurance policy, they think that they have waited too long and cannot get an insurance company willing to sell them a policy. Fortunately, this is not the case. There is life insurance for seniors over 65.

Life insurance for over 60s year old people is much more freely available than people might have thought. There will, inevitably, be an age at which a person can no longer obtain cover, but it is much older than many people would think. Of course, you may have to take a medical examination but even this is not always the case, these days. Very often, a detailed questionnaire is sent to your doctor asking for further information.

Reasonably healthy people can find term life insurance well into their 70′s, while almost everybody can find a whole life policy until they are 80!

Some whole life policies even accept 89 year olds! Reaching the golden years does not mean that a person’s obligations have ended. It also does not mean that people do not want to provide for their own final expenses and also give money to their loved ones.

A life insurance over 60 policy for an older person can be an affordable way to deal with financial planning. Many older people want to leave money for their own funerals. That is simple to do with a small final expense policy. Others have more complex wishes like the transfer of wealth, or even of keeping a business running after they pass away. Older people still can need life insurance. The good news is, that it is on the market!

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