How to get life insurance if you suffer from epilepsy:

Epilepsy is a symptom of a neurological disorder in which nerve cell activity is disrupted, leading to seizures.

Epilepsy is relatively common – it is a group of disorders that involve recurrent seizures. Epilepsy can start at any age, but it mostly begins during childhood. Treatment involves using epilepsy drugs to control seizures. In rare cases, surgery may be used to either remove a specific area of the brain that is affected, or install an electrical device to assist in controlling seizures.

In decades past, having Epilepsy made it difficult to purchase life insurance coverage or find a coverage plan that was affordable on the average budget.

Luckily, insurance companies are now recognizing the frequency of the condition and, if the condition is well managed, it does not have to mean higher risks for insurance providers.

The price of the premiums depends from the severity of the epilepsy. People that suffer from ongoing epileptic seizures will be offered a high life insurance quote. If during the past two years the individual did not have epileptic attacks, he will most likely be able to purchase a cheaper life insurance. What is more, a person that suffered from epilepsy when he was a child and did not have seizures since then can get an insurance quote that is very close to standard rates.

Mintco Financial Team of Advisors are available to help individuals with epilepsy secure the life insurance coverage they require to meet all their needs. Our knowledgeable insurance agents are experienced in working with individuals who have pre-existing conditions and even specialize in helping those who suffer from any of the different forms of epilepsy.

A pre-existing condition does not have to mean that purchasing life insurance coverage is an impossible or expensive task. Mintco Financial can help to arrange a life insurance policy that meets all of the applicant’s needs and fits well into his or her overall budget.

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