A Final Expense Life Insurance for Seniors is simply a life insurance policy generally designed to help families handle all the expenses
they will be responsible for in handling their loved one’s wishes when they die. They are generally permanent policies that do not expire as opposed
to Term insurance plans that are temporary and expire at a specific age or length of time. Most companies offer these plans to individuals in the 50-89
age bracket. The death benefit is paid directly to the beneficiary the insured selects, tax free. Policy face amounts can range anywhere from $1000
to $40,000 or more depending on the life insurance carrier. Rates are usually based on age, gender, whether you use tobacco or not, and your health
history. With funeral costs averaging $10,000 or higher, it’s important that families are aware of what their loved one’s wishes are regarding final
arrangements so they can select the correct death benefit.


Final Expense Life Insurance For Seniors

“What do you mean he didn’t have any life insurance? Who’s going to pay for his funeral and all the expenses that go with it? What are we supposed to do,
take up a collection?” Having a family member or someone else close to you die with no life insurance to cover all the costs of their final wishes
can no doubt be stressful, and can cause hardship and often resentment amongst family members. All too often a loved one’s wishes for their final arrangements
are compromised because there is no life insurance, or there simply isn’t enough money to carry out those wishes. Today, total costs for funeral expenses
and final arrangements can be as high as $12,000 or more depending on Individual choices and desires. Call us at 813-964-7100 for a free quote!

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