Finance and Lifestyle
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Finance and Lifestyle – Illustration: Erik Minter

Who am I without my possessions? Do they define me as a person? Do my possessions have control over me, or I over them? Can I afford to acquire these items, and if so, are they a need or a want? ( Check my book I-Plan for your financial freedom) Is there any downside to passing over these items?

Our purchases cost us more than we realize”, that price is time and we don’t get time back. Time away from those we love, time away from doing what we enjoy. And also “Experiences make us happier than possession.”


Credit should be used wisely and only on things needed or that can pay off for you in the future. Things should be well thought about before buying on credit.

It is best to have cash saved, improve investments and live life more for experiences first and then things acquired second.

Learn to truly let go, and you will be more than just surface happy. Focus on your loved one, your children, your job, your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health.

Your Team of Financial Advisors are here to help you to make your financial life easier and you and your family can enjoy the deserved moments.

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