Unlike traditional Fixed Indexed Annuities, FIAs offer the opportunity for growth in addition to a guaranteed principal. And unlike variable annuities, the FIA
is far less aggressive and carries less risk. This makes the FIA ideal for many, if not most, of your clients. FIAs are tied to indices such as the
S&P 500 or the Russel 100 Index, which grants them the opportunity to participate in stock market gains indirectly, protecting them from the volatile
nature of the market itself. You can benefit from market upswings, your principal investment is guaranteed never to decrease, should the index take
a dive. This appeals to a wide range of investors looking to add some security to their portfolio without sacrificing potential gains. For younger
investor who tend to be less risk-averse, an FIA can fetch as much as 60 percent of the underlying index’s performance, and if the markets take a hit,
they won’t lose any of their principal, as it is guaranteed by the insurer. For older, more risk-sensitive investor, the fixed index annuity can also
play a strong role in their investment strategy. The reason is simple: Their investment is guaranteed never to decrease, while still holding the promise
of a high rate of return. Some annuity companies even go so far as to promise that even if the markets don’t perform well, their investment is guaranteed
to grow by a small amount annually — typically somewhere between 2 percent and 3 percent. https://www.mintcofinancial.com/quotes/annuity-quote/

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