Fixed Indexed Annuity: When you desperately need help planning for retirement: The greatest fear of most retirees is the risk of longevity: outliving their
money. The meltdown of retirement accounts, rising medical costs, uncertain entitlement programs and higher taxes have added to the risk. Facing 30 years
of retirement living on past savings and Social Security benefits is a scary reality. What can be done? To handle other unaffordable risks you buy insurance.
The same companies that protect your home, life, health and auto can also protect you from the risk of longevity. The basic principle of all insurance
that makes coverage affordable is “pooling of risks”. Since the greatest fear of retirement is outliving your money and your remaining life span is uncertain,
the solution is to insure the unaffordable risk. Let’s see how this is done. Insurance companies issue fixed annuities, which can be turned into guaranteed
lifetime incomes. You can accumulate your retirement money in an annuity over time, or you can fund the annuity lump-sum. Fixed annuities are backed by
the assets of the insurance company, guaranteed to give you a positive rate of return which is free of income taxes until the earnings are withdrawn, and
offer you numerous other choices. At the date you select, you can turn your annuity into a lifetime of monthly checks you cannot outlive. The insurance
company guarantees you a lifetime of income, regardless of how long you live. You can later change your mind, stop the income and take your money lump-sum.
If you die prematurely, your heirs are paid the balance of your account. With an annuity, you can have a guaranteed income stream, immune to market gyrations.
This income stream will give you the ability to budget for your finances in retirement, even allowing for things such as vacation funds… Fixed Indexed
Annuities can give you a chance to positively change your future. Combine your guaranteed lifetime income with Social Security benefits, and you have a
comfortable and safe retirement with very little planning. Call Mintco Financial Advisors today and ask about a fixed annuity with a Guaranteed Lifetime
Income Benefit Rider. Phone: 813-964-7100 or visit
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