How to get Funeral Insurance Seniors? Understand it.

“Funeral insurance” or Final Policy life insurance that has been specifically designed to cover funeral costs at the time of need.

Do not purchase any insurance without first pre planning your funeral and identifying the costs of the funeral services and other final expenses. This will give you a clear idea of how much coverage you need. All persons from ages 0 to 89 years of age are eligible for funeral insurance. Some companies require no exam at all.

Be aware of some restrictions

Although one of the important features of this type of insurance is the limited health information required in order to qualify, you should be aware of the restrictions and limitations designed into these policies for those who do have poor health. Ensure the policy you purchase can provide the coverage you need or desire.

As a consumer, you may have or are considering purchase of an insurance plan, maybe for your final expenses or specifically for your funeral cost.

Pre Plan or Life Insurance?

While paying at the time of services or setting aside money in trust for funeral goods and services is an option, the most popular way of pre-paying for funeral costs is through the use of a final expense or a burial life insurance.

Under a final expense plan, the client names a beneficiary to take care of his/her arrangements or other expenses with proceeds paid by the policy at time of death. There are many features benefiting you as a consumer that are only available through funeral insurance.

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