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Legal Disclaimer

The information used in this comparison has been taken from the rate cards and rate manuals which life insurance companies routinely publish and distribute to life agents and brokers. To the best of our ability, we have done everything we can to ensure that the information contained in this comparison is up-to-date and accurate. However, Mintco Financial, Inc. and or it's affiliates CANNOT GUARANTEE ACCURACY.

In the event that there is a discrepancy between the information contained in this comparison, and any life company authorized illustration and/or policy, the policy shall govern. Mintco Financial, Inc. is a licensed independent agency that has associates and or affiliates licensed in 48 states. Mintco Financial's associates and or affiliates represent you the customer and are contracted to market the insurance products of all the insurance companies listed within your quote. Mintco Financial, Inc. does not contract with outside agents or brokers. Your insurance application process will be handled by a licensed agent affiliated with Mintco Financial, Inc. Mintco Financial, Inc., associates, and or affiliates are compensated directly by the insurance companies contracted in the form of policy commissions. When you purchase a policy through one of our licensed associates and or affiliates, the insurance company pays a commission directly to the associate and or affiliate, depending on the contractual agreement in place.

Mintco Financial, Inc. is completely impartial when it comes to helping customers select an insurance company. We do not direct customers to specific companies for purposes of increased compensation. Customers are able to select the company of their choice from our Web site marketplace. As a customer, if you require assistance with your specific company selection, our team of Licensed Insurance Professionals will help you find the company and product that best meets your individual needs.

Please note that these quotes are based on the information you provided. Filling out this online form does not constitute an application for insurance. . Your final classification and rates may vary as a result of additional information gathered by the insurance company and or licensed agent during the underwriting process. All quotes are for illustration purposes. Actual premiums and coverage will be based on age, gender, health history, certain underwriting criteria, state of residence, and tobacco usage. Not all policies or companies are available in all states. Federal copyright law prohibits commercial use by other agents, brokers and parties marketing insurance products or information."

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