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  • There are so many plans, how do I decide which healthcare plan is right for me?
  • Are the new healthcare plans less expensive than the plan I currently have?
  • How do I know if I qualify for a subsidy credit to help with my monthly premiums, or not?
  • I have coverage through my employer, but to cover my wife and kids it is very expensive, can I get plans just for them and not myself?
  • I am self-employed and my income fluctuates from year to year, how will that affect my qualifying for premium assistance (subsidy credit)?
  • Why shouldn’t I just enroll on the first plan that shows up on the website, it is the cheapest one?
  • I am in very good health, can’t I join a plan with medical underwriting and pay less premium than the plans?
  • If I go through a licensed agent to help me enroll in a health plan, will it cost me more?
  • If I decide not to join a health plan, how will this tax penalty everyone is talking about effect me?
  • I already have good health coverage for me and my family, does it make sense for me to review the healthcare marketplace plans?

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