In exchange for a lump sum, annuities guarantee retirees regular payments for the rest of their lives. Sounds attractive, but investors have long shunned
annuities, citing high fees, low returns and inability to bequeath the money to heirs. Worst of all, there’s the “bus” risk — that is, the chance of getting
hit by one, or meeting some other untimely demise and not getting your money’s worth. As an investment, an annuity just doesn’t stack up.

How to create your own pension? See how.
But if your objective is to ensure enough money to live on no matter how long you live — think consumption instead of accumulation — then an annuity
is a no – brainer.
Basically when you get buy annuities, you are buying your own pension.
An annuity can be used to assure that you’ll be able to cover key non discretionary expenses, no matter how long you live or how your portfolio fares.
Start with a budget projecting monthly costs for shelter, food, utilities, and health care; then subtract Social Security and any other expected guaranteed
income payments. The gap figure could be plugged with an annuity.
Annuities have other advantages, in addition to their lifetime guarantees. They’re very user-friendly, because your monthly paycheck gets automatically
deposited in your checking account. You don’t need to make decisions about how much to withdraw or how to invest, which can protect against mistakes
and fraud that can happen in your later years if you become less able to manage your money.
Deciding how to generate retirement income from your savings is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make. It’s well worth your time
to consider all your options.
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