If you are looking for Life insurance for your elderly parents, there are usually a number of ways you can reduce costs and still benefit from the protection.

Whole Life Insurance policies provide cover for life, paying out an agreed sum of money when you die. There are a number of reasons why people choose life insurance, which varies depending on age and personal circumstances. For the elderly, life insurance can be an invaluable source of money, earmarked to leave as a gift, often helping reduce the impact of inheritance tax, to pay off outstanding debts, or help cover funeral costs.

Funeral or Burial Insurance: This could be described as a limited form of life insurance that only covers funeral or burial expenses. In many cases, the funeral director receives the money from the policy in order to carry out the wishes of the policy holder.

Why elderly parents should get Burial Life Insurance?

  • Less Expensive than Term Life
  • Relieves Family of Burden from Planning or Paying for Funeral Expenses
  • Easy to Set Up and Especially Good for Seniors

Choosing Life insurance for your elderly parents needn’t be difficult; you just need to follow the 3 golden rules:

  • Always shop around and compare plans and prices, regardless of whether you are buying for the first time or renewing an insurance policy
  • Never assume an existing provider will offer the best deal. You don’t seem to get much for customer loyalty these days!
  • Always compare prices online, as this is usually where you will find the best deals, even with the same company

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