Although there are several types of life insurance policies, term life is the least expensive. It’s a temporary solution to lost income.

“It’s like renting an apartment. It covers your needs for a period of time, but when that term is over you walk away from it and it is done.”

Term life lasts only during the policy’s period of time, but permanent life insurance, which is more costly, provides coverage through the owner’s
lifetime. It combines a term policy with an investment account, called cash value, which can be borrowed against and used for estate settlement
and taxes.

Permanent policies include whole life policies, which provide a guaranteed death benefit and a guaranteed rate of return on the cash values. There
are also variable life policies, in which the return varies according to the investment options, such as stocks and bonds. While whole and variable
require fixed premiums, a universal life policy allows the premium to vary over time.

For most young people who don’t have a lot of money, term insurance is the answer.
But a permanent policy, which has more options, can make sense if they can afford it.

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