Life Insurance for Seniors 80 years old

Life insurance for Seniors 80 years old can help pay for things like funeral expenses, medical debt, loss of income, and more.

People of all ages seek life insurance policies to assist with the cost of passing away. Many worry that when they pass, there may not be enough money to cover a funeral or burial and they do not want to burden their family with the expenses.

Having some affordable life insurance for seniors will help to cover these expenses and more. A final expense policy can supply monies to cover the cost of laying someone to rest, and it may cover any additional expenses that a loved one leaves behind. This can include unresolved debt, outstanding medical bills, or fees associated with settling an estate.

Most life insurance policies do require some level of  medical exams/questions. This means you could be required to either see a doctor or answer a health questionnaire that an agent can help you to submit. If you are looking to avoid a medical exam, look for policies that are simplified issue. There are certain types of term and permanent life insurance policies that do not require a full medical examination.

Burial or Final Expenses policies typically offer enough money to cover funeral expenses and pay off a few debts (between $3,000 and $30,000). Your premium will not increase and policies are often available to seniors well into their 70s and 80s.

What life insurance types should seniors consider?

Simplified issue life insurance: This type of non-medical insurance does not require a medical exam but you will still be required to complete a medical questionnaire. This policy is more expensive and makes sense to consider if your current health condition(s) would make it hard to get standard life insurance.

Guaranteed issue life insurance: This type of non-medical insurance does not require a medical exam or the completion of a health questionnaire, but it would most likely result in the highest premiums (for the same coverage) and the size of your coverage might be limited (e.g. $25,000).

It can be difficult for seniors over 80 to find the right life insurance policy in the traditional market. Age, finances, and health status all play a significant factor in the type of policy you can qualify for, as well as how much you would be expected to pay in premiums for that policy.

Where to buy Life Insurance for Seniors  80 years old?

We offer SENIORS LIFE INSURANCE specifically designed to help seniors across USA get the coverage they need.  We help you budget for final expenses, no matter what they may be. Assist you in getting qualified, even if traditional policies would reject you for health problems or you are hard to insure.

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