Life insurance for seniors over 70 is now a possibility for many elderly individuals living in the United States. If you’re old and gray and have not saved much during your younger years, this type of senior insurance coverage is very useful.

Don’t think that this is impossible? It’s very possible and if truth be told, many companies are specializing in the senior life insurance niche nowadays, unlike before when it was next to impossible to find an insurance carrier who would sell you a policy once you’re over the age of 70.

Buying life insurance for seniors over 70 becomes important as your age and health deteriorates and the inevitability of death becomes a grim reality. Most people buy senior life insurance to ensure that their loved ones don’t have to pay money out of their own pockets for your funeral expenses.

Many baby boomers and seniors who are 70 and older can get affordable life insurance coverage. Of course, your health history impacts the bottom line.

If you are in good health, lead an active lifestyle and don’t smoke, you have a better chance of getting affordable life insurance than if not.

What makes the most difference in getting affordable insurance is using an independent agent, who can help you find the right company to get the most best pricing possible. The independent agent will know which company(s) will underwrite your application most favorably and therefore give you the best rating/pricing. They should have an in house underwriter to be of assistance in getting you the best rating as well.

Just because you are 70 or older doesn’t mean you can’t get affordable life insurance. It is especially important to go to the right carrier when you are applying for life insurance and you are 70 or older.

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