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How to get life insurance online quotes for diabetics?

It is normal for someone who has diabetes to need a medical exam before they can be approved for something such as life insurance. They should also expect that they may have to pay a higher premium than people who do not have a similar condition. However, these things do not mean that they will never be able to find coverage.

If a person has diabetes but still wants affordable coverage, they should keep in mind that a strong history of disease maintenance will make it much easier. Their health care provider will need to provide proof to the insurance company that they have been keeping up with their medical needs.

It very much depends on how long you have had the condition and how it is managed – if there are relatively few concerns then there may simply be a request that your GP provides a ‘diabetic questionnaire’ rather than a full medical report (which the insurer will request directly with your GP with your permission).

There may also be a request for blood sugar readings – the HbA1c test measures blood glucose levels. Other information required will be on weight, smoker status, alcohol units per week and any other health conditions.

Some insurers are more willing to provide life insurance for diabetics and this is why it can be important to take advice.

Many customers assume all life insurance companies are alike and assess risk in the same manner. We stress that being diagnosed with diabetes does not mean customers are unable to arrange life cover, but it is important that they receive expert advice to ensure they secure the best cover at the most competitive price.

Case Study

Our customer contacted us to arrange life insurance to cover funeral expenses.

He is a non-smoker and had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent). The condition is well controlled with medication and he has also been prescribed preventative medication for raised blood pressure and cholesterol.

An application was submitted and a report was obtained from his GP and we secured cover for our client on standard terms for an amount of $15,000. 

Mintco Financial is an independent company and not tied to a set panel of providers, we systematically search the whole of the market to make sure that the quotes you receive are not only competitive but best fitted to your specific demands.

We offer both type 1 and type 2 diabetic cover, your premium will differ depending on your current health, your Glycated hemoglobin levels and how you are managing your condition.

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