Life Insurance  Seniors 80 – also referred to as funeral insurance or final expense insurance – is a type of life insurance coverage that is purchased with the purpose of paying off one’s funeral and other related costs. These expenses can be quite substantial today – in many areas of the country exceeding the $10,000 mark when factoring in an individual’s memorial service, along with their headstone, burial plot, flowers, transportation, and obituary announcement.

Unfortunately, many deceased’s loved ones do not have this type of money on hand for paying final expenses, so they will oftentimes be forced to either dip into their savings or retirement funds in order to do so, or – worse yet – they may have to put these expenses on credit in order to pay them off. This can put many survivors into a terrible financial position. And, if the decedent were a retiree whose pension or other income stopped upon his or her passing, these additional bills could essentially put a surviving spouse into financial turmoil.

Because Life Insurance for seniors over 80 is a permanent form of coverage, the death benefit coverage itself cannot be canceled by the insurance company – provided that the policyholder continues to make the premium payments. In addition, the amount of the premium will usually be guaranteed not to increase – even as the insured increases in age, and even if he or she contracts an adverse health condition.

Not every family needs this product. Some families have plenty of cash to cover final expenses, and they can do without the extra expense of a burial policy. However, if your family would have a tough time coming up with the eight to ten thousand dollars that a funeral can cost these days, you may want to consider a burial policy as an affordable way to plan ahead.

This is a hard topic to bring up in many families. It makes family members uncomfortable because they do not like to think about having a loved one pass away.

There are some guaranteed senior life policies on the market today. This means that older people can qualify for coverage without having to answer any health questions. For some older people, who have developed serious health problems, this may be the right choice. However, understand that when an insurance company does not do underwriting, they will use another method to protect themselves.

This may be by using a waiting period. A waiting period means that the the company will not pay out the full death benefit unless the insured person survives for a certain period of time.

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