1. Why is it so much more difficult and expensive to obtain a life insurance policy if you have high blood pressure?

2.How much more could someone with high blood pressure expect to pay for life insurance than someone without high blood pressure, all other things being equal?

Blood is pumped through your body and when it presses against your arteries your blood pressure can be measured. If the pressure is too high it will put strain on your body, which may result in a heart attack or stroke. This will result in high risk for the insurance company.

Millions of people around the world are believed to have high blood pressure. High blood pressure used to make it more difficult to obtain life insurance. If you suffered with the condition, you would almost always incur a 50% increase on your premiums. As medical advancements have developed so has the insurance company’s willingness to offer people who suffer with high blood pressure a life cover policy making it less risky for the insurance company nowadays.Generally speaking, insurers are most concerned if your raised blood pressure remains uncontrolled. In situations such as this, it would not be uncommon for the insurance company to decline or postpone your application for Life Insurance.

3.What are the options that are available for someone with high blood pressure to obtain life insurance?

In many cases, there are insurers who will offer policies on standard terms for those who have well managed blood pressure, whether medicated or not. The exact terms will always be depending on your age, your recent mmHg readings, and the type of cover you are applying for.Unfortunately not everyone will be eligible for cover. If your blood pressure readings are way over the norm – high levels at the time of application, then it’s likely you’ll be postponed cover until your Bp is back down and maintained within normal levels, or possibly declined for cover altogether. In this event, there are still specialist insurers that can consider declined applications for those that are still interested in protection, but it is highly likely the monthly premiums will be far higher than the standard high blood pressure insurers.

4.Of these, which option makes the most sense for most people?

The last thing an applicant should do is give up on taking out cover if they are rejected by one insurer, as there may be a specialist insurer who is willing to take on their risk.In order to boost your chances of getting affordable life insurance cover as a sufferer of high blood pressure, you need to do some research and compare the plans and options available.While it may be difficult to trace the actual causes of high-blood pressure, there are some key lifestyle changes that can be made to reduce high blood pressure and cut your life insurance premiums. Some of these may be relevant to other risk factors that people are assessed on e.g smoking.maintain a healthy diet reduce salt intake maintain a healthy BMI maintain a regular exercise routine reduce alcohol intake quit smoking cut back on coffee

5. Misconception life insurance high blood pressure?

People with high blood pressure think if they have high blood pressure they can’t qualify for the best rates, or if they are taking medication will disqualify for the best rates.Due to the very high incidence rate of high blood pressure the insurance providers have a lot of statistical information on record and are able to therefore offer terms of insurance so long as you know your last readings.If HBP is well managed once diagnosed the price of insurance rarely deviates from standard terms.Also every single life insurance company has its own underwriting guidelines. These guidelines are what determine the amount of money the life insurance will cost by placing the insured in one of 16 different rate classes.

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