Life insurance can be an important asset for everyone, especially someone with  Alzheimer’s disease.

The long-term costs of health care and nursing care can quickly make a dent in a  family’s savings and may lead to financial suffering.

Life insurance can help  protect your finances for your heirs after your passing, or it can be cashed in  to pay for your medical and care expenses if you have a life-threatening  illness, like Alzheimer’s.

Even if you are not at risk for Alzheimer’s, life insurance can cover the big  expenses after you pass away, like a funeral or memorial, lawyer fees, estate  taxes, etc. This means that your family will not need to pay for these services  out of their own pockets. Make sure you keep your beneficiary designations up to  date so the money goes to the people you select.

Where can I get life insurance?

Life insurance for seniors with Alzheimer’s can  be purchased from independent insurance companies. It  is wise to work with a company you know well and trust, or to find an  independent insurance broker that does not work for only one company and can  give you a variety of quotes.

We know that it is often the family of those suffering from Alzheimer’s that are looking to secure a life insurance policy for their loved one. 

In these cases, the family just wants something in place that would cover  burial costs.

Make sure you review and understand the summary of  any plan you are thinking of purchasing.

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