Michael G. Minter on Daytime News
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Michael G. Minter on Daytime News

NBC Daytime Show invites Michael Minter financial advisor and author of I-Plan to share important lessons to help parents, families, schools, most importantly our future children learn the most valuable financial and life lessons by taking action with the book I-Plan.

“I wrote the I-Plan with each and every American family in mind. I believe everyone is able to identify with one of the characters—and relate the rest of the Frumpy Family to their own family members and friends! —and discover a change they could make to improve their life or a loved one’s. From a typical household budget and asset protections, to college and retirement planning, there’s something in the I-Plan for everyone”, says Minter, managing partner at www.MintcoFinancial.com The book is an easy read for all ages with a standard, straightforward takeaway, “Yes I-Plan. I can. Do you?” With our “Napkin on the Fridge” as our guide and financial education as our top priority, we can build a strong foundation of financial education and a better future for us all.

Read more about the back story of the book I-Plan: http://www.businessblogshub.com/2012/10/the-backstory-on-the-story-i-plan-by-michael-minter/

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