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Medicare Advantage & Part D Quote

DISCLAIMER: WARNING!! NOT FOR USE WITH MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES. THIS HAS BEEN PREPARED FOR INTERNAL AGENT USE AND FOR COMPARISON PURPOSES ONLY. This information HAS NOT been reviewed by CMS and is not intended for use with a Medicare Beneficiary. It is a CMS Marketing violation to use "Unapproved Sales Materials" during a Sales Presentation with a Medicare Beneficiary. You may ONLY use the CMS approved marketing materials contained in a "Pre-Enrollment" kit and provided to you by the Company with whom you are appointed and certified to represent. While we strive to provide accurate information, the compilation of this data is a MANUAL process, so there is the possibility for Human Error. We do not warranty this information and we are not responsible for accuracy or improper use. Do not make any representations to potential clients regarding plan information contained herein, you should ONLY refer to the Summary of Benefits contained in the Pre-Enrollment kit.