In 2011, after both spending over 15 years in the financial industry, Mike in the north, and Lloyd in the south, met by fate at an industry leaders conference, and decided to partner together to bring their experience and expertise to their existing and future clientele.

Having backgrounds in both areas of health and wealth planning, they began discussing how nice it would be for their clients to know they could help solidify a plan that would ease their minds concerning their future healthcare needs as well as financial retirement goals.

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The story of Mintco Financial is a story of changing for the times, while keeping the way of doing business that never needs changing.

At Mintco Financial, we answer phones in person and build lasting relationships with our clients with regards to their personal dreams and lasting legacies.

We are not beholden to any one company’s product selection or operational restrictions.

This enables us to create individualized solutions for each client and fulfill our commitment to hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standard.

“We welcome you to join our team as we continue our efforts in making a difference.” Sincerely,

Michael G. Minter (Managing Partner)
Lloyd S. Schneider (Managing Partner)

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