Over 75  Seniors Life Insurance is an important consideration for senior citizens in the community. When we reach old age
we finally begin to realize that our lives are not infinite, as we seem to believe when we are young.  Seniors life insurance is
especially important if we have reached old age and have not amassed a lot of money or assets in our own right. This is
when this style of insurance can be handy if it is simply required to pay for final expenses: funeral, legal and medical costs. That said,
there are many other reasons to consider life insurance at this stage of ones life. Some of  the elderly may finish their lives
in a position where they can feel independent of any life insurance needs because of a healthy private bank balance.
Others may have paid for funeral costs in advance with a funeral parlour, or a separate bank account, but circumstances
differ among everyone and there is always a need for some level of life cover among the majority of the population.
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