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“My grandmother has her burial spot all picked out and it’s right next to my grandfather. I think it gives her great  comfort to know that she’s put everything in place so that her final wishes are carried out. Whenever we visit her we go and visit grandpa’s grave and she points out her own. At first, it was a little unnerving, but now I understand that she feels like she’s taking care of herself–and her family–by having things planned out beforehand.”


“Many years ago, I took heed of some advice–perhaps from a financial expert?–to take care of certain hard things. Like I made a will. I decided how I wanted to die and have my body disposed of (cremated) and I made the hard decision of what I wanted to become of my child should my husband and I go together. I got life insurance. I picked beneficiaries for certain investments. So on and so forth. More recently I’ve been practicing Buddhism. The Buddhists embrace death. In the west, we try to ignore it and deny it and basically try not to think about it. But the Buddhists meditate on it and spend their lives preparing for it. As a result, it has allowed me to have casual conversations with my husband like this, “Honey, I’ve been reading that it takes at least 30 minutes, maybe longer, for the brain to die after the heart stops. So if you are with me when I die, please stay with me for a long time, even if you think I am gone. Hold my hand for an hour. Two if you can swing it.” He rolls his eyes, but I also know he will carry out these wishes.”

Alissa Bowman

“I’ve been thinking about end-of-life preparations lately, and agree it’s so important, especially when you think of it as helping to alleviate some of the stress of friends and family organizing things.”

Jane Boursaw

“There’s so many things to take care of when somebody dies. There’s so much grief. There’s so much longing. There’s so much you wish you had said to your loved one. There are so many nights when you lie awake for hours wishing you had a second chance … and knowing that you never will. Let your family and loved ones know if you want to be buried or cremated. Or you can put it in your Will or a letter to your family. Just let someone know your definitive answer to avoid any unnecessary stress during an already emotional time. If you don’t care, let them know that too.”

Death can cause financial tragedies as well as grief. Yet planning for the end isn’t about being morbid. It’s about making crucial financial preparations to lessen the impact when it happens.


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