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Find any good burial policy deals? – Illustration: Erik Minter

Senior Life Insurance after 80 years of age

There are companies today that offer a complete life insurance policies for seniors over 80; the face value for such life insurance policy may vary between $2,500 to $25,000. 

The two biggest concerns of seniors aged 80 and older who are seeking to purchase Final Expense Senior Life Insurance is whether or not they will medically qualify for coverage, and whether or not the rates will be affordable. Compare Final Expense Senior Life Insurance with Mintco Financial

Octogenarians in good or great medical condition, or who suffer from only very minor health issues that can be treated easily with over-the-counter remedies, will be given the best rates.

“Final expense insurance” is a type of life insurance coverage that is designed for beneficiaries to use to pay funeral or burial expenses, in addition to any estate-related expenses and outstanding debt. A burial policy may be available to seniors up to and including the age of 89. Once enacted, the policy will cover the insured individual for the duration of their life, with constant premiums. A burial insurance policy does not require a medical examination.

If you are a female then you should also check out if the insurer provides discounts for women. Many insurers offer women’s policy at a cheaper rate, as an average women’s life span is slightly longer than that of men’s.

Where to shop online and compare senior life insurance quote with no personal information needed?

Mintco Financial: Helping You Find The Right Cover

The final cost of the insurance will be based on several factors like age, your location, the type of coverage, your current health and amount of coverage you are looking for. Compare all the choices you have before making a final decision.

Compare Final Expense Senior Life Insurance, let Mintco Financial help you.

Mintco Financial easy comparison site lets you compare from a range of life insurance products online in the one place, so that you can judge for yourself what is a suitable option in your case.


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