Senior life insurance over 80 years old needs to be evaluated as you leave middle age behind, buying insurance to finance your funeral may seem like a no-brainer – death is inevitable, after all, and somebody will have to pay.

Today, the average funeral costs $6,590, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. That’s just for basics and doesn’t include costs for the cemetery, grave marker and flowers.

You can’t buy an insurance policy that will cover every conceivable cost related to your death. The terms “funeral insurance” and “burial insurance” generally refer to small life insurance policies marketed to people who want to leave a little money behind for their families to cover final expenses.

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These whole-life policies provide coverage for the rest of your life and have cash value. The cash account builds over time; you can withdraw or borrow against it, although the amount – plus interest – will be subtracted from the death benefit if you don’t repay it. Because these policies are small, the cash value is minimal.

Getting life insurance for people over 80 is easier these days. Insurance companies have already accepted that the human life expectancy has increased, and have begun granting coverage for seniors over sixty years of age.

So if you are a senior with an insurance policy, but you think that the proceeds of this insurance will not be enough to cover the needs of your family, securing an additional policy might be helpful.

Or if you are just thinking to get a small policy to cover your final expenses, please contact us. Mintco Financial Team is a firm of independent financial advisors and will shop the best quote for you.

A good majority of seniors are in excellent physical condition, but it’s expected that these individuals will have health problems. Insurance companies can offer affordable life plans for seniors over 80 who have medical issues. The rate of the premium would depend on their particular health condition: some providers might require you to undergo a medical evaluation to have a better understanding of your health.

Call us at 813-964-7100 and we will discuss your health condition beforehand.

You will then be able to decide on the coverage that is most suitable for your needs.

We do insure seniors up to 89 years old.


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