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Universal Life Insurance

What is universal life insurance?

Universal life insurance is permanent insurance with the potential to accumulate cash value. As your needs change, you are able to increase or decrease your policy’s face amount, as well as the dollar amount of your premium payments. You can also make lump-sum payments to your policy. If you’re looking for a permanent policy that has the potential for cash value accumulation, universal life is right for you. This policy is ideal if you are looking for both flexibility and control.

Why would I want it?

Because you want to ensure that your family will have the money necessary to live in comfort, purchase a home, pay for college, and so on, should something happen to you. At the same time, you want flexibility and control.

You want a policy that’s permanent and accrues cash value, which you can borrow against for any purpose. You want the option to skip premium payments, which you can do if your account has accrued sufficient value. You want the potential to earn a higher rate of return than a whole life policy, even though there’s a risk that your rate of return could drop.

Fast, Easy, and Affordable Life Insurance

Life insurance is a way to protect your loved ones financially after you die and your income stops. The answer to whether you need life insurance depends on your personal and financial circumstances. If you need life insurance, Don’t Delay!

Why Wait? Are you Confused? Need a True Honest Analysis not an Insurance Sales Pitch? Want to Know You’ve looked at All Companies? Have Poor Health? Don’t Want to Pay High Premiums or Wasteful insurance costs?

Let our team of over 25 years Experience, Independence, and ability to work with ALL Top Rated Insurance Carriers–Work for You. You can feel confident you will work with someone who relates and will analyze your needs, most importantly focused on providing you the most cost effective rates from the top rated companies. We will work with you to provide more than just a quote but an analysis that you can feel confident knowing you’ve secured the Right plan for you and your family.

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