Steps to Your ‘Personal Pension’

 Most important steps to securing your retirement income:

1.  Spread your investment dollars among as many non-correlated income-producing assets as possible (global bonds, dividend paying stocks, private REITs, MLPs, and secured floating income investments to name just a few).

2.   Guarantee your income. Just like the foundation in your home is there to protect you during a storm, the foundation of your income plan should be guaranteed in case the perfect economic storm hits. For better or worse, the only account that can guarantee you a lifetime income is an annuity. Annuity options are plentiful—many aren’t that great—so carefully compare fees, risks, and potential performance.

3.   Set reasonable goals. Generating a 5-6 percent cash flow (adjusted for inflation) with a responsible level of risk is reasonable. Could you generate more? Sure, with more risk, but is it really prudent to accept a greater risk of running out of money? There are no do-overs in life and in retirement this is one area of planning that you must get right!

Speak to an independent financial advisor to review the best annuity for you.

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