Daytime on NBC interviews financial advisor Michael Minter author of “I-Plan” about the importance of life insurance and how one can afford with just a “Napkin on the Fridge”.

Why Michael Minter wrote I-Plan?

I wrote the I-Plan with each and every American family in mind. I believe everyone is able to identify with one of the characters—and relate the rest of the Frumpy Family to their own family members and friends! —and discover a change they could make to improve their life or a loved one’s. From a typical household budget and asset protections, to college and retirement planning, there’s something in the I-Plan for everyone.
The book is an easy read for all ages with a standard, straightforward takeaway, “Yes I-Plan. I can. Do you?”
With our “Napkin on the Fridge” as our guide and financial education as our top priority, we can build a strong foundation of financial education and a better future for us all.
I-Plan is available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble or via Kindle or Nook.
For more info on Michael Minter and Mintco Financial, visit his website at or check out his recent interview on Daytime TV
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