The Best Art News Beyonce, Blue and Erik Minter

“Hundreds of people can talk, for one who can think,” John Ruskin wrote, “but thousands of people can think, for one who can see.”

“We see, but we do not see: we use our eyes, but our gaze is glancing, frivolously considering its object,”Alexandra Horowitz lamented in her sublime meditation on looking.

Josef Albers (March 19, 1888–March 25, 1976) was a German-born American artist, poet, printmaker, and educator.

Albers believed that in normal seeing, we use our eyes so much because the world is controlled by our vision, but we become so accustomed to it that we take things for granted. And when he talked about visual perception, he meant something much more profound than just the way we look at the world — he would stop and look at the world, look at the smallest object, smallest event, and see through it in a deep kind of way. … He would see magic, he would see something deeper. And he believed that the majority of people just missed the true reality — it was available for everyone to see, but nobody was looking. And that was where his notion of “to open eyes” really comes from.

Albers was not interested in creating a treatise on color.

He was not giving you rules about color — he was giving you tools to unlock what he considered the magic of color.

Colors Meaning in Art

Erik Minter paint his W O O D U P L E A Z  the same day Beyonce was getting photographed by her daughter Blue Ivy behind another art piece.

And guess what? Colors! Colors! Colors! Same colors?

“If I paint something, I don’t want to have to explain what it is”, said Bob Ross.

I guess artists have this feeling…why explain when you can see?

“This piece has all kinds of embedded meaning, enjoy your nano moment here, there is a much bigger picture to this great expanse of order in nature, we’re just the particulates that help or hinder its flow” explains Erik Minter about his art piece.

And what about the meaning of the colors?

Children take in the world around them through their eyes, and bright colors are one of the first aspects of sight that help them distinguish form and categorize objects. Colors affect emotions.

Warmer colors like orange and yellow bring happiness and comfort. Red has been known to increase the heart rate and therefore increase alertness and the appetite, while cooler colors like blue and green tend to have a calming effect.

Beyonce, Erik Minter, Colors and…Art

While devoted members of the “Beyhive” have scoured every edge of the world for all things Yonce, what seems to be less publicized is the Queen’s passion for the arts.

Between collecting, taking the best art fair selfies, and shutting down whole museums for private viewings, Beyonce’s culture obsession is enough to make us bow down. 

Art in New York City, New Jersey

New Jersey/New York City-based artist Erik Minter makes paintings that bridge abstractions into a surreal figuration.

Minter has his love towards the surface and the physical paint which allows him to express what he is most curious about in life and the state of the world we are developing.

“Its more immediate and the outcomes are filled with surprise. I treat my work as if I’m building out a storyboard, channeling the metaphysical through past, present and future experiences.”

Beyonce is an inspiration. Colors are inspiration.

Art is an extension of the artist.

For more about Erik Minter visit his instagram page.

For more about Beyonce visit her instagram page.