The BEST Burial Insurance Guide

The BEST Burial Insurance Guide will help you understand how to apply for Burial Insurance.

With age comes wisdom and an acceptance that life is finite.

Many Seniors realize  funeral cost, can cause a burden for their loved ones.

With the best interest of their family and for their own peace of mind, they turn to Burial insurance. 

For most people, the funeral planning process is a mystery.

If the death is sudden, things unfold in a hurry with lots of tough and expensive choices to be made quickly.

If the death is expected, there’s more time to plan, but the financial decisions are just as difficult.

Burial Insurance: Things to consider

Among the things you need to consider:

 Your preference of funeral home and cemetery;

  Whether you want a traditional service or a casual get-together;

  If you prefer cremation or burial; and the kind of urn or casket you’d like.

4 Steps To apply for Best Burial Insurance

 The application usually takes only a few minutes over the phone.

There are a few health questions for the level benefit policies, and no health questions for the graded benefit policies.

There is no health exam, and the approval takes only a few hours to a few days.

If you have no savings, let’s be honest, this is probably a good choice, provided you can afford the premium payments, and care about keeping your loved ones from going into debt trying to pay for your funeral and burial.


Age restrictions are  between 45-90 depending in which State you live. Some carriers will only offer a plan starting at age 50.

Benefits from $1,000 t0 $50,000 – Some carriers will go higher.


Most people do month to month.

Where to apply and compare quotes for Burial Insurance:

Compare quotes at

Call 813-964-7100

Apply for Burial Insurance HERE