The Best Life Insurance No Exam in California

The Best Life Insurance No Exam in California

If you’re unable to qualify for fully underwritten life insurance but are in need of coverage, non-medical exam life insurance is your best option.


  • If you are one of these people that do not like needles, non-medical life insurance is just for you.
  • If you need life insurance coverage fast.  Life insurance with no medical exam and no waiting period can be approved within 15 minutes to 10 days.
  • If you have multiple “minor” health issues.  A no exam insurance policy uses brief medical history check to approve your coverage so you can qualify easily.

You don’t want to wait.

Taking the medical exam is a big hurdle for most people.

With no medical exam life insurance, the process is quick and easy.

Since there’s no need for a medical exam, the approval is faster (typically 1 to 7 days).


  • You will have to answer a series of health questions on the application form.
  • High risk or people with the pre-existing condition can be declined for immediate coverage, but they can qualify for “graded death benefit” that has a waiting period before the policy is enforced.
  • Guarantee issue life insurance is an option for high risks. There are no health questions so anyone can qualify but the cost is relatively high for smaller death benefits.



Simplified Issue Universal Life provides the policyholder with death benefit protection and cash value component. This is the best life insurance without a medical exam for seniors.


Guarantee Issue is a no health question asked policy. It is available to any applicant starting at age 40. You can be approved regardless of your health. People with a pre-existing condition will not be denied coverage.

The death benefit is available in the $5k-$25 range. The death benefit is graded and can be helpful to pay for funeral services.

These types of policies are the best option for those who need coverage quickly due to business or court requirement. Some of the non-medical exam insurance companies can approve your policy in less than 48 hours, and some as soon as 15 minutes.


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Time is the most significant advantage of a non-medical exam insurance policy.


When you have a severe pre-existing condition, your choices are limited.

For this reason, you may want to select a life insurance company that does not require a medical exam.

You only have to answer some health-related questions, and your application is good to go.

If you have health problems, we can find you the best rates available. Even with significant health challenges, you can purchase guaranteed issue life insurance policies that will pay for your final expense needs.

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