The Best Whole Life Insurance Quotes Online

Whole Life is permanent insurance.

It has a guaranteed cash value that is managed by the insurance company. Participating policy holders also share in the profits of the insurance company and receive annual dividends.

Dividends can then be allocated to paying the policy’s premium or purchasing additional paid-up life insurance.

The Best Whole Life Insurance

  • Provides for final expenses including funeral costs
  • Provides funding for estate taxes allowing the transfer of real estate assets
  • Provides protection of retirement income
  • Allows the planning of an inheritance
  • Can be used to fund a business succession plan 

Why is Whole Life Insurance a good investment?

  • The tax advantaged steady growth, combined with significant estate benefits are the primary reasons why Participating Whole Life is now being thought of as a new investment class.
  • Unlike other accumulation policies such as most Universal Life policies, mutual funds and other equity investments, the cash and dividend value of a Whole Life policy cannot decrease as long as premium payments are made.
  • The benefits of dividend-paying whole life insurance extend far beyond protecting your loved ones, legacy and estate by providing a death benefit. Dividend-paying whole life insurance actually provides you with living benefits in the form of a cash value and annual dividends.
  • The death benefit of a dividend-paying whole life insurance is paid out tax-free to the beneficiary under current tax law. Dividend-paying whole life insurance also provides certainty and helps you grow a guaranteed tax-free retirement income through a pre-set annual cash value increase and the possibility of annual dividends.

Who should consider Whole Life Insurance as an investment?

  • Anyone looking for stable returns on their investment portfolio.
  • For those that have corporations and are accumulating surplus, the use of Whole Life in the corporation not only provides the same stable, tax deferred returns but also provides opportunities for Capital Dividend Account planning.


The Best Whole Life Insurance Quotes Online


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