The end: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

What Happened to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?  

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie scotched divorce rumours as they celebrated their second wedding anniversary with an intimate date-night at the Beverly Hills Hotel two weeks ago. The couple enjoyed quality time with each other during the low-key celebration in Los Angeles September,2. Some magazines even said they are “actually more in love than ever”.

So what happened?

Failure to agree on who takes care of the children instead of their career, infidelity and insecurities, divergent career paths, PR-scandals, and unequal income and unequal projects are some of the most common factors of why many celebrity marriages don’t last.

All the fame, fortune and success don’t seem to enough to hold some of these couples together.

It takes special love, open communication and planning to make a normal marriage work.  In celebrity divorces the extreme pressures of career add a very difficult element.

Marriage is a lot of work. It requires effort. But understanding something conceptually and experiencing that thing are two different animals.

What we’ve come to realize is that often we leave things unsaid because we believe broaching the issue will be more trouble than it’s worth. In turn, we get defensive when our partner is critical, even in a constructive way.

In both cases, we are resisting what is and the opportunity to grow. It is a recipe for resentment, anger, and ultimately, apathy.

Unfortunately couples let things continue to boil as both grew more and more unhappy until they split.

Communication is beyond important, it is vital and necessary if any relationship is to succeed.

We all change and evolve over our lives and if we can’t communicate it with our partners, then the relationship is in serious trouble.

A good marriage is one of the most rewarding things in life – having someone who has shared your most precious memories and plans to be by your side until the end of days – but it takes honesty, trust, and an ability to be open about how we feel. 

Divorce and Finances

A divorce agreement – sometimes called a property settlement agreement or a marital settlement agreement – is an all-important document that acts as a kind of blueprint to what’s going to happen in your post-divorce world financially and otherwise.

Let’s face it: You’re breaking up for a reason. One or both of you really doesn’t want to be so intimately tied to the other person. So after a divorce, why do so many couples keep the financial purse strings attached in ways that could back to haunt them? A case in point: keeping an ex spouse as an insurance beneficiary or heir in your will.

Sometimes, people simply forget to change these documents. Other times, they think “I’ll get around to doing it later” or “What could it hurt for now?”

Well, it can cause plenty of problems if one spouse remarries – divorcing men typically remarry within two years – and then that person passes away. The first wife, or previous spouse, gets all the money, and the new spouse might be left in the cold. Not exactly what most people would want to happen after their death.

When you go through a divorce, you need to make sure you go back and change all your beneficiary information on all accounts and policies. Regardless of what you have in your will, if your ex is still the beneficiary of Life Insurance, for example, that will supersede your updated will.

Divorce is never easy. The key to a less stressful and more amicable divorce (which is easier on everyone, and much less expensive) is to approach it in the right way. Keeping the process non-confrontational is likely to lead to longer lasting solutions.

The more that you can agree on with your partner, the better. If an agreement is reached between you about how the finances will be divided and what arrangements will be put in place for your children, you’ll retain control over your own lives without having the decision made for you by a court.

If you have children together, you’ll remain a part of each other’s lives going forwards (you may be separating from each other, you do not cease being parents and being involved in decisions regarding your children’s future) so the more you are able to get on and agree, the better.

If your children see that you are getting on, it will make the process easier for them to cope with and come to terms with too.

Seek Qualified Professionals

It is essential to surround yourself with qualified professionals to guide you through the process. Divorcing individuals need to make numerous legal and financial decisions amidst a myriad of emotional stress. Obtaining the proper guidance from qualified Advisors will enable people dealing with this life event to emerge from the process at a new beginning to an optimal post-divorce life.

Working with a Financial Advisor may help ensure you are making fully informed financial decisions and may also save you money and time during the divorce process.

You should think of your divorce as a financial transaction in which everything you own jointly and everything you owe jointly are to be divided between you and your spouse. It is the unwinding of both an emotional and financial partnership.

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