Qooter - The Instant Quoter App
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Many agents and financial advisors search for legitimate ways to compare quotes online for insurance, and the Qooter Team hopes to end that search with this new app.

Qooter is a very simple tool, where you just click a few basic dropdowns and the app will compare prices among many top rated insurance carriers in a matter of seconds.

The best part, there are no sign-up fees, no registration, no personal information asked, it really is FREE.

In today’s marketplace, consumers look for the best ways to save money. The Qooter team believes the insurance industry should be able to adjust to serve this market using online tools helping to save money and time for the agents and advisors.

Qooter features Fast, Simple, Free:

  • Term life insurance comparison quotes
  • Senior and Final Expense life insurance comparison quotes
  • Medicare Supplement quotes
  • Health Insurance quotes
  •  **Retirement Plan quote (No yellow pads or paper statements needed anymore)

Qooter founder Michael Minter and co-founder Lloyd Schneider are excited to see how quickly agents and consumers catch on to the simplicity of Qooter.

There is a Retirement Planning section that Michael Minter envisions as a tremendous opportunity for agents to begin implementing in their practice.  With all the regulation coming out in the industry, he believes this “Know your Client” tool, will be one that will not only helps protect agents and advisors alike but also help them uncover the many other needs their clients need additional assistance with.

“I know there is NO other app out there like Qooter for agents and advisors, because we too are advisors always looking and I am confident once agents and advisors learn there is an Instant Insurance Quoting tool out there like Qooter, they too will use it like we do daily with our clients”, says Michael Minter.

“Qooter is a quick and easy method for me to sit with a client and pull up a majority of the life insurance carriers available and provide a quick quote without any of their personal information asked and they can see for themselves they are getting the best bang for their buck.  I believe this system should be used by all insurance agents and Advisors who concentrate on doing the best job for their clients.” says Lloyd Schneider.

So for agents and advisors that are serious about looking for a great way to save time and money, check the tutorial video at www.qooter.io or download the app on iTunes or Google Play.
About Mintco Financial

Michael Minter and Lloyd Schneider are managing partners of Mintco Financial, an independent financial advisory boutique with offices in Tampa, FL and Buffalo, NY.

More info about Mintco Financial: www.MintcoFinancial.com