2018 Top Fee Only Financial Advisor NYC

If you thought financial planning is for the rich, or older – you are wrong. If you start saving or investing small amounts of money early, you’ll be better off in the long run.

Managing money can be challenging – not all of us have the skills to sort out the more complicated stuff.

That’s when it’s time to call in the experts and get some money advice. A professional Advisor can be a great help, whether it’s with day-to-day budgeting or investment advice.

Good financial advice should focus on our individual goals and current financial situations, and balance our short, medium and long-term needs.

How to chose a Financial Advisor

Often, a consumer finds a financial professional by asking a trusted family member or friend to refer one to them.

Don’t just go with the first adviser you come across. Try a couple at a time – a minimum of three.

You want to find an advisor who you feel comfortable with.

One advantage of a smaller firm is that you will have an Advisor who you work closely with. With larger firms, you won’t have your own Advisor unless your asset level is very high. We,at Mintco Financial, believe that independent advisors are the most objective and they make decisions based on your best interest.

What to expect on your first meeting with your Financial Advisor

Your first meeting with an Advisor will normally take a bit of time. They’ll need to ask you a number of questions about your life so they can provide the best possible advice.

They’ll also want to understand what you’d like to do if something happened to you – such as sickness, disability or death.

Be as prepared as you can for your first meeting, it helps to gather information about your income, assets and debts beforehand.

How will Financial Advisors charge you?

Ultimately the client needs to feel they’re getting value for money, otherwise there will be resentment and the relationship won’t work.

Why Mintco Financial Advisors?

At Mintco Financial, we are qualified financial advisors in our home country and our organization is fully licensed and regulated to operate in USA.

We give independent financial advice within the framework of our organization. We benefit from the research, product expertise, and administration assistance of a professional team, and these people will all assist us in helping you meet your financial objectives.

We will ask you to complete a detailed risk profiling questionnaire, covering different areas of investment risk.  This, along with conversations with you will build a picture of your attitude to risk which we will use to guide us in making investment recommendations best suited to you.

What is a  Fee Only Financial Advisor?

With fee-only, the advisor’s charge is based on a set fee rather than a commission for products or trades.

At Mintco Financial, we let you know our price for services up front. Regardless of the investments recommended, conflict of interest is eliminated.

We believe that everybody who needs financial advice should be able to receive it, not doubt the quality of advice they receive or be in doubt regarding the amount they are paying.

How we can help you

We can help you with everything from planning your finances, budgets, planning for retirement to passing on an inheritance, either on a one-off basis or as part of an ongoing service.

The financial planning journey starts by listening to and understanding our clients concerns and objectives. We continue to listen at your review meetings so as your situation changes your financial plan can be adapted to suit.


Our fee structure is transparent and straightforward. Check it Here!

Wherever you are, Mintco Financial Advisors can provide personalized, expert wealth management, financial planning, and portfolio management services.

Phone calls, internet video-calls, online presentation sharing, and email make communication convenient.

You’re not calling a phone bank or speaking to a “representative”, you’re speaking to Mike or Lloyd directly.

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