The best way to get the best cost/rates is to talk to an agent who specializes in Final Expense Life Insurance (Mintco Financial 813-964-7100)to get Life Insurance for  parents.

Many parents are not keen on taking an exam, and Final Expense policies usually have minimal underwriting requirements. They also allow for some of the common maladies of older age such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis.

Finally, these type of policies are usually Whole Life and come in smaller face amounts, making them ideal for funeral related costs.

A death brings a lot of emotional turmoil as well as a lot of monetary  woes.

The expenses  of a funeral alone has an average cost of around $7,000. This is an  immediate expense that typically needs to be taken care of within a week or so.  Beyond that, many elder parents leave behind debts such as credit card balances,  loans, a mortgage, as well as those final bills. If you or your elderly parents do not have cash saved to take care of these  things, then it is prudent to make sure that there is some type of life  insurance coverage in place to take care of these expenses.

How Much Does It Cost for an Elderly Person to  Obtain Life Insurance?

Because every situation is different there is no clear answer on that until  you obtain a personalized rate quote. There are plenty of companies that are  friendly to seniors and the elderly when it comes to life insurance coverage,  and this includes seniors with health issues. The price of a policy is dependent  on several variables such as the age, the policy amount, health history, and  prescription use. If you are thinking about obtaining life insurance coverage for your older  parent, or if you are searching for coverage on yourself, then the first thing  you should do is compare rates from  several companies. This will ensure that you get the lowest rates because  every carrier has their own unique criteria.

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