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    – Albatross


    Elegantly and effortlessly lives for many decades at sea, soaring 10 days at a time without fatigue, while caressing the skies with a modest 10 foot wingspan. A bird with this scale, beauty, strength, and longevity is the reflection of who and where we strive to be.

  • Over looking the clouds

    At Mintco Financial we want to symbolize something
    that other businesses take for granted in our industry:
    History and Longevity.


Why Mintco Financial, Inc?

Clients who choose Mintco Financial Inc., do so because of the experience, knowledge, and service our advisors provide. Our emphasis resolves around honesty and the highest level of business ethics when working for our clients. We take great pride in understanding our client’s goals and concerns while providing every financial and professional resource available to achieve peace of mind.”WE WORK FOR YOU”

Our Team

Meet our Team of Associates that will be able to help assist you in your future financial goals. We have a knowledge pool of over 50 years of experience — thats not pushy like some of the big bloated dogs. We strive in making you feel right at home, because we know finance is not one of the more comfortable issues to discuss. We’re here to serve you.

Anelise Minter
Anelise Minter
Marketing Director
Michael G. Minter
Michael G. Minter
Managing Partner
Lloyd Schneider
Lloyd Schneider
Managing Partner
Jon Tomeo
Jon Tomeo
Senior Associate
Ryan Murdie
Ryan Murdie
Senior Associate
Margo Schneider
Margo Schneider
Executive Assistant


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  • Hi Lloyd, your timing is good. I am passing your contact information onto my friend, whose name is also the same as mine. You did a fabulous job in helping me chose the correct insurance to supplement my Medicare. I am totally happy with all my choices. It will be my pleasure to be your reference.

    Helping with Medicare Supplement Insurance -
  • From the very first meeting we felt very comfortable working with Michael Minter as we planned for our retirement. Michael takes the time to listen and understand our needs and goals, while sharing his ideas and expertise. In the past, we’ve always managed our own investments and Michael allows us to decide our level of involvement whether we want to take an active or passive role with our finances. We greatly appreciate the guidance that Michael has provided in helping us make sound financial decisions and we highly recommend his services.

    S.K., Clearwater, FL -
  • We have known Lloyd for about 12 years. In all those years any time we needed for any information about health insurance, had general insurance questions, or anything else, Lloyd was always there for us. He helped us out each and every time with compassion, accuracy and timeliness. There are only 3 professional people in Florida that I trust, and I can honestly say that Lloyd is one of them. We strongly recommend him to anyone with any insurance needs. He’ll be there for you like he’s always been there for us. Respectfully

    L & L. North Clearwater, FL -
  • How nice it is to read about such honors given to someone who has been an important part of my life. You and I had worked together during a rather intense one-on-one sales process and professionally. And in both circumstances it was a pleasure. I too want to acknowledge the excellent service and commitment given to me and my husband in our decisions regarding our estate plan. It is with complete satisfaction that I express my gratitude for your help with that painful process. You were courteous during all conversations, and gave me personal attention with in-depth answers to my questions, you certainly deserve your achievement.

    S.M., Brooksville, FL -
  • If you considered Long Term Care Insurance, I suggest you contact Mike Minter. He is low-keyed approach made this decision far easier than I suspected it would be.

    C.C., Amherst, NY - Mintco Client

“We welcome you to join our team as we continue
our efforts in making a difference.”

Michael G. Minter (Managing Partner)
Lloyd S. Schneider (Managing Partner)

letter from Michael Minter and Lloyd Schneider

Our Story | Welcome to Mintcofinancial.com

In 2011, after both spending over 15 years in the financial industry, Mike in the north, and Lloyd in the south, met by fate at an industry leaders conference, and decided to partner together to bring their experience and expertise to their existing and future clientele.

Having backgrounds in both areas of health and wealth planning, they began discussing how nice it would be for their clients to know they could help solidify a plan that would ease their minds concerning their future healthcare needs as well as financial retirement goals. Learning from the many conversations they had over the years with their clients and families, the two biggest concerns were always future healthcare expenses, and having enough income and assets to enjoy comfortably throughout their retirement years. By combining forces and their firms, they opened a financial boutique in Tampa, Florida, while keeping the New York office to better assist their clients.

The story of Mintco Financial is a story of changing for the times, while keeping the way of doing business that never needs changing. At Mintco Financial, we answer phones in person and build lasting relationships with our clients with regards to their personal dreams and lasting legacies.

We are not beholden to any one company’s product selection or operational restrictions. This enables us to create individualized solutions for each client and fulfill our commitment to hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standard.

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