Best Funeral Insurance for Seniors in 2021

Best Funeral Insurance for Seniors in 2021

To put it bluntly, when you die, your family will suddenly have to find the money to pay for the funeral.

This will almost certainly add to their stress levels at an already very difficult time.

So, funeral insurance seems a sensible thing to have.

When the times comes, the insurance company will ensure a smooth pay-out, taking one worry away from the family as well as removing the financial burden.

The main purpose of burial insurance is to cover the funeral costs, final expenses, as well as pay off specific obligations or debts.

Funeral Burial insurance is generally associated with a permanent type of insurance policy (versus term insurance), and the most common permanent policy used is called whole life insurance.

Most whole life policies which are purchased to cover funeral expenses range from $1,000 to $25,000.

What is Burial Insurance?

This product is a type of Whole Life coverage, meaning that every policy has three pillars that you can count on.

Price never increases: The price never changes, this means you are guaranteed that there will be zero surprise rate hikes.

Coverage never decreases: This is so important for seniors who are counting on this plan to take care of there end of life expenses. As long as the monthly premium is paid your coverage is guaranteed and permanent for life.

Builds cash value: A portion of every payment you make each month will go towards your cash value. The cash value accumulates over time and you are able to borrow against the plan when you need cash.

Traditional Whole Life policies are typically bigger and cost more per month, with a burial insurance plan the coverage amount is smaller and designed to pay for your final arrangements.

Due to the coverage amount being smaller your monthly payment is very reasonable and you still receive the same permanent benefits that a traditional larger plan offers.


How much does funeral insurance cost? Does it match the average cost of a funeral?

It depends on the cost of your insurance premiums compared to the expected cost of your funeral.

The key to funeral insurance is to do your sums and make sure that you won’t end up paying more in premiums over the course of your life than the policy will pay out to your estate.


Find yourself in the table below to find out how much funeral insurance would cost you per month on average in a $ 10000 policy:

GenderAgeSmoking StatusAverage Monthly Premium


How much is a funeral?

Funerals can cost from $4,000 for a basic cremation to around $15,000 for a more elaborate burial.

A typical funeral will have these costs:

  • funeral director fees
  • transport
  • coffin
  • death certificate
  • permits (for example, for a burial at sea or private land)
  • burial or cremation
  • cemetery plot
  • other expenses such as a celebrant or clergy, flowers, newspaper notices and the wake
How old can someone be and still receive coverage for Funeral Burial insurance?

The majority of carriers will insure individuals initially until the age of 85, however, there are a select amount of carriers who will provide coverage up until the age of 90.

Reminder: This is just initial coverage, once you receive your coverage as long as you pay your monthly premiums it lasts forever.

How do I qualify for first-day coverage in a Funeral Burial Insurance?

Each company has a different risk tolerance. For example, if you have COPD there are companies that will not insure you for day one coverage but then there are other companies that have no problem with this condition and will accept you for Level coverage.

The bottom line is that each carrier is different and speaking to an independent agent will help navigate you through the process.

 Which provider has the best coverage for Funeral Burial Insurance?

The best companies for you will depend on your health history, age, and gender.

Depending on these three factors your best company choice will vary drastically.

Is this product type worth the price?

This product is meant to cover one’s outstanding bills and take the burden off the shoulders of the family. Allowing your family to receive a lump-sum check in a time of grief takes one less thing off their plate to worry about.

Allowing your family to celebrate your life is always worth the price.

Can I purchase a Funeral Burial policy for my parents?

Yes, you are able to purchase a policy for parents, friends, or loved ones however there are two things to keep in mind.

The proposed insured needs to sign their name on the contract and they need to be in a healthy enough state of mind to understand what they are agreeing to.

You cannot take out a policy on them without their permission.

How quickly does final expense insurance payout compared to other life insurance?

Traditional life insurance takes roughly 30 days for distribution. With final expense, the carrier will have the payout facilitated much quicker. In some cases, this can be less than 7 days from when the insurance provider receives the death certificate.

How to purchase a Funeral Burial Insurance? Best Funeral Insurance for Seniors in 2021

The best way to receive a quote is to use our quote tool on this page. This will allow you to see the different prices that each carrier will charge.

The best way to receive a custom quote for your specific health history is to call Mintco Financial, our agents will help walk you through the process to find your best plan.

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 Can I apply  for Funeral Burial Insurance over the phone?

Yes, applying over the phone is possible and a great way to receive coverage fast without having someone come into your home.

The process takes roughly 30 minutes and will either require a verbal voice signature to issue the policy or sign electronically through email.

This process is simple!

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