Best Type 1 & 2 Diabetes Life insurance in 2020

Best Type 1 & 2 Diabetes Life insurance in 2020 

Americans who have their diabetes under control can get life insurance.

However, you are likely to pay more in premiums because life insurance companies view diabetics as a higher risk, meaning there is an increased probability that your policy will have to pay out.

For life insurance companies to make a qualified decision on life insurance for diabetics, there are several considerations taken into account, including which type of diabetes you have, your age, weight and lifestyle.

Types Of Diabetes:

Type 1 Diabetes

This is also known as ‘Insulin-Dependent Diabetes’ due to the fact that it is caused by the immune system attacking the cells in the body which produce insulin; as no insulin is being produced, the blood glucose levels dramatically increase which can cause severe damage to a number of organs (i.e. Kidneys, eyes, and heart).

Type 1 Diabetes is also known as ‘Juvenile Diabetes’ or ‘Early-onset Diabetes’ due to the fact that it generally develops in people under 40 or often in children during teenage years.

This type of Diabetes is treated by taking daily insulin injections which will have to be taken for the rest of that person’s life as well as changes in lifestyle, which can be significant. If you have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes then you will have to regularly visit your GP or Diabetes specialist (usually every 3, 6 or 12 months) to check your HbA1c levels.

Type 2 Diabetes

This is by far the most common type of Diabetes (around 90% of people with Diabetes have Type 2) and it generally develops later in life due to certain lifestyles, behaviours or can even be ethnicity. Type 2 Diabetes is usually and most commonly linked with obesity in adults and is also known as ‘Maturity-onset Diabetes’ because of the link to older adults.

Type 2 Diabetes is similar to Type 1 in that it is linked to the body not producing insulin or it can be that the cells in the body do not react to insulin, which is known as ‘insulin resistance’.

This type of Diabetes can be treated in a number of ways which include:

  • Diet controlled: Alter your diet to ensure that you manage your condition
  • Tablets: One of the various tablets commonly used to treat that condition
  • Insulin: Some people with Type 2 Diabetes can also be told to use Insulin injections as treatment

How to get Life Insurance if you are diabetics


There are several criteria that underwriters will want to know when applying for a high risk life policy, especially when trying to get life insurance with diabetes.

These factors will help the company to determine whether or not you are eligible for coverage, and if so, how much to charge for it. These criteria will usually include:

  1. Your age when you were diagnosed
  2. What type of diabetes you have (Type 1 or Type 2)
  3. How many years have passed since you were initially diagnosed
  4. How you are controlling your condition (exercise, diet, medication, etc.)
  5. Whether you have any other health issues related to diabetes (such as neuropathy/nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, retinopathy/eye damage, etc.)

Factors are also considered when applying for Life Insurance for Diabetes

  • Age
  • Height and weight
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Type and amount of coverage being applied for

It could be that you get an approval for coverage, but are charged a higher “table” rate. This is a type of “point” system that is used by insurance carriers that can increase your premium by a certain percentage as compared to someone who does not have diabetes.

Life Insurance Options for those with Type 1 Diabetes

Arranging life insurance coverage for those suffering with Type 1 Diabetes is possible – if you have no other major health issues many insurance providers will underwrite the application right at the time of submission. Should an individual have other health conditions or their HbA1c readings are high, insurance providers may contact the applicant’s physician for a full assessment of their health.

Although this may delay the application process, it will help to insure that the insurance company can provide terms on the policy based on their full understanding of the applicant’s health.

Type 1 Diabetics usually see an increase in their premiums for life insurance. This increase is based on HbA1c readings, length of diagnosis and other health conditions or concerns. If an applicant has had the condition for a long period of time and their HbA1c readings are good, it is possible for them to be accepted for lower premium payments.

Because of this, it is important to have all medical information available when applying for life insurance, including your most recent HbA1c readings and any other medical history the insurance company may need to know.

Life insurance for type 1 diabetics is not the same as life insurance for type 2 diabetics.

It’s important to know that type 1 diabetes can’t be approved for life insurance until in your 30’s with juvenile diabetes, as early as 25 if diagnosed in your teens and whatever your current age is if you were diagnosed as an adult.

Underwriting factors that play into the decision are control as shown by your A1c, whether you self monitor or use a pump, and of course if there are any collateral health issues. 

It’s your specific story, and not just having type 1 or type 2 diabetes that helps us find the best life insurance for diabetics and the best rates for you.

Get the best quote for life insurance for diabetes



Let’s say you are ready to get the ball rolling and would like to apply for life insurance.

You can either go with a traditional route which requires an exam with 6 weeks underwriting or no exam policy which can get approved within a few days.

The latter is more convenient but sometimes can be slightly more costly per month so its up to the individual to decide whether they prefer convenience or savings.

In the end the best option is the one where based on your specific diabetes details the company will offer the absolute best outcome.


Now here are quick tips to improve your chances of getting approved and getting lower premiums:

  1. Go Independent

Work with an independent agency that has many life insurance carriers which specialize in issuing policies to people with diabetes.

This will also give you an advantage of having backup options to use if one carrier declines the application. Our agents never quit on you and will keep applying to multiple companies until all options have been exhausted. We have the ability to use one medical exam for all the companies we represent as long as it has been done less than 6 months ago, which does cut down the work and time of carrier response.

  1. Cover Letter

This simple letter can make an actual difference because not only it will make you stand out but it will also give certain details that are not on the applications.

The cover letter can demonstrate that you are a good risk by stating things such as your diet and exercise regimen along with overall progress you feel you have made. Stating the purpose of the coverage can also motivate the company underwriters(people who decide your life insurance destiny) to try their best to issue the policy.

  1. Increased Exposure

By applying to multiple companies at the same time you will be able to pick the best offer when approval letters start coming in.

Let the companies compete for your business, after all, you are a paying customer.


After reading this article and getting better information feel free to reach out to one of our diabetes life insurance specialist.

We also take pride in knowing how many families we helped in similar situations even when hopes were low.

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We work with top “A” rated companies and enables us to have more options to fit our clients’ health and different lifestyles.

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