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Personal Finance: Fee Only Financial Planning in simple words

The plan gives us a “big picture” view of each client’s financial situation and goals. Once we see the big picture we can then make specific strategy recommendations. Financial decisions shouldn’t be made without knowing the impact they will have on the overall financial plan.

We believe financial plans should be updated and reviewed at least semi-annually. Without being up-to-date concerning a client’s full financial circumstances, an advisor is not qualified to make appropriate recommendations.

We provide comprehensive retirement and financial planning services on an hourly or a per project basis.

Our hourly financial advisor services rate is $250. In most cases we cover all of your general financial planning questions in one hour. Some of the most common topics we help clients with are:

  • 401k plan management and allocation planning
  • Retirement plan projections and advice
  • Life insurance coverage analysis and guidance
  • Basic legal and estate planning recommendations
  • Debt management planning
  • Investment management allocation and planning

We provide our hourly financial planning clients a list of statements we find helpful and ask them to prepare a list of their most pressing financial questions. Together we’ll work through your questions and statements, and cover each one until you have a clear path for your financial and investment management plan. The fees for developing a comprehensive financial plan and for performing individual services are listed below:

All-Inclusive Financial Plan        Fee
Comprehensive Plan Starting at $2500
Services Offered individually
Retirement Analysis Starting at $500
Social Security Maximizer Starting at $250
Investment Analysis Starting at $250
Insurance Evaluation Starting at $250
Estate Planning Review Starting at $500
Long Term Care Needs Analysis Starting at $250
Debt Analysis Starting at $250
Medicare Review Individual $75 / Couple $100
Health Insurance Assistance Individual $75 / Couple $100

Note: We track our hours when developing plans for our clients. If our hourly fee is less than what is quoted above we will charge the lesser of the two fees.

Unlike most commissioned advisors working at a broker/dealer, we are not pressured to promote particular mutual funds, annuities and insurance policies. As an Independent Fiduciary Advisor, we have the freedom to objectively examine our clients’ situation and make the best recommendations possible while avoiding conflicts of interest.

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