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Best Financial Advisor for Middle Class: Mintco Financial is your best choice
February 15, 2013

Some think financial planning is a luxury reserved for the rich. This is a widespread misunderstanding. Just as every player needs…

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Senior Life Insurance for ages 80 and up
Senior Life Insurance over 80 years old
February 4, 2013

Senior life insurance over 80 years old needs to be evaluated as you leave middle age behind, buying insurance to finance your funeral…

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Advice to the PowerBall Winner
November 29, 2012

What you should do if you are the Powerball Winner? You should get a team of financial advisers and lawyers to…

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Fixed Indexed Annuities: see if it is for you!
November 13, 2012

Unlike traditional Fixed Indexed Annuities, FIAs offer the opportunity for growth in addition to a guaranteed principal. And unlike variable annuities,…

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