5 Tips Find a Financial Planner Buffalo NY


Financial planners can help you plan for retirement, find the best way to finance a new home, save for your child’s education or simply help put your finances in order. Whatever your needs, working with an appropriately qualified financial planner is a crucial step in helping you meet short-term and long- term goals that will help ensure your future financial well-being.

Finding the right planner is extremely important because your choice will almost certainly affect the security of your financial future.

5 Tips Find a Financial Planner Buffalo NY

  1. Understand your financial goals and needs

Choose someone who can meet your goals and needs. For example, if you want your planner to provide investment advice, choose someone who is registered with their securities regulator. If insurance is a priority, look for someone who has an insurance license.

  1. Check qualifications

Referrals from trusted sources are helpful, but not enough. Check each potential planner’s qualifications and background. Find out if they have any credentials.

  1. Interview more than 1 planner

Make sure you feel comfortable discussing your finances with the people you interview. Find out if they provide the services you want. Ask each person about:

  • their education, experience and specialties,
  • how many clients they have,
  • how long they’ve been a planner,
  • how often they communicate with clients,
  • what kinds of investment products or services they’re registered to sell, if any,
  • which organizations they’re regulated by,
  • how they’re paid, and
  • if they’ve been subject to disciplinary action by any regulator or industry association.



Your planner should disclose in writing how s/he will be paid for the services they provide. Understand how your potential planner will be compensated and choose whatever model works best for you.

  1. Get personal

Whatever you do, make sure you feel comfortable with the person before making any sort of arrangement. Remember, the adviser is going to need to have very intimate knowledge of your finances, personal activities and goals, and you must be comfortable providing them with that information.

Mintco Financial Team of Independent Advisors

How We Work Together

If you’d like to work together with us to develop a comprehensive financial plan, then please expect the following steps:

  1. An initial consultation and information gathering meeting to discuss your goals and needs
  2. Follow up discussion –
  3. Further information gathering as necessary
  4. Analysis and plan development
  5. A presentation of findings and recommendations including a customized implementation strategy and next steps
  6. Ongoing plan implementation and investment management execution – we stay with you to ensure your plan evolves and succeeds to meet your life goals.

In addition to helping you create and execute a comprehensive financial plan, Mintco Financial can also help with more specific one-off issues such as  education tuition planning, home rental vs. buy decision, retirement and investments decisions.

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