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Hi Lloyd, your timing is good. I am passing your contact information onto my friend, whose name is also the same as mine. You did a fabulous job in helping me chose the correct insurance to supplement my Medicare. I am totally happy with all my choices. It will be my pleasure to be your reference.

Sheryl, Clermont, FL -

Hello Lloyd, I just want to say that the experience I have had the last 3 years with you as my advisor have been really a satisfying experience and I can say nothing but good about the way you have advised me. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

G.M.S., St. Petersburg, FL -

From the very first meeting we felt very comfortable working with Michael Minter as we planned for our retirement. Michael takes the time to listen and understand our needs and goals, while sharing his ideas and expertise. In the past, we’ve always managed our own investments and Michael allows us to decide our level of involvement whether we want to take an active or passive role with our finances. We greatly appreciate the guidance that Michael has provided in helping us make sound financial decisions and we highly recommend his services.

S.K., Clearwater, FL -

Mike Minter made it possible for my wife and I to retire comfortably and pursue lifelong dreams when we did not think it was possible. He gave us his wisdom, knowledge and counsel when we thought retirement was not possible. A few brief meetings were all that were necessary to inform and enlighten us with our options. Mike always brings his “A” game with a pleasant personality and positive attitude. His business ethic is unquestionable and professional which has resulted in success for his business and for our welfare. I would highly recommend Mike Minter for investment opportunities and for any financial concerns.

D.W.K., Buffalo, NY -

I have recently retired after many years of being in business for myself. I am aware that the norm is to hear more about a company’s negatives than positives from customers. In lieu of this; I feel compelled to write a letter of recommendation for the exceptional professionalism and expert advice exhibited by Lloyd Schneider at MINTCO Financial. I continue to be very satisfied with my decision to do business with MINTCO and Lloyd for my insurance and investment needs and highly recommend as a personal consultant.

G.C. New Port Richey, FL -

After 22 years with the same company and in positions of increasing authority and responsibility, I suspected my job was less secure than I had thought. I’d saved in a company sponsored 401 K and savings bond program, paid off all my debt including the mortgage and college loans but had done little else to provide for my retirement. I consulted with Mike Minter and Mike helped me to streamline my expenses, urged me to save more and developed a plan to maximize and secure my financial future. When I was given notice that my department was being eliminated and the remaining work moved to another department, I immediately contacted Mike and he set our plan into action. As a result of Mike’s plan and my diligence in following it, I was able to retire at 59 1/2. I live comfortably and am able to travel to visit my grandchildren frequently. Before my ‘retirement’ I saw my grandchildren at most two times a year whereas now I see them every other month or so. My job elimination while traumatic at the time, with Mike and his team’s financial expertise, has now proved to be a blessing in disguise. Thanks to Mike, I’m certain I’ll never have to work (at a job) again unless I want to get back onto that stress machine (but why would I?). I recommend Mike and his team to my friends when asked and will continue to do so!

D.S., Buffalo, NY -

We have known Lloyd for about 12 years. In all those years any time we needed for any information about health insurance, had general insurance questions, or anything else, Lloyd was always there for us. He helped us out each and every time with compassion, accuracy and timeliness. There are only 3 professional people in Florida that I trust, and I can honestly say that Lloyd is one of them. We strongly recommend him to anyone with any insurance needs. He’ll be there for you like he’s always been there for us. Respectfully

L & L. North Clearwater, FL -

I first met Lloyd Schneider at a seminar for Medicare in 2009. Lloyd guided me in the right direction for my insurance needs including life insurance. Then he worked with me on my financial issues setting me up with annuities and giving me the best advice on all my money issues. I am not apt when it comes to these issues and without Lloyd’s patience and guidance I would be in trouble today. I still go to Lloyd for advice. Thanks Lloyd!

P.P., Aiken, SC -

How nice it is to read about such honors given to someone who has been an important part of my life. You and I had worked together during a rather intense one-on-one sales process and professionally. And in both circumstances it was a pleasure. I too want to acknowledge the excellent service and commitment given to me and my husband in our decisions regarding our estate plan. It is with complete satisfaction that I express my gratitude for your help with that painful process. You were courteous during all conversations, and gave me personal attention with in-depth answers to my questions, you certainly deserve your achievement.

S.M., Brooksville, FL -

found Mike to be very knowledgeable and helpful, as I considered Long Term Care Insurance. If you are at all interested, I’d suggest to talk to him.

M.V., Buffalo, NY - MIntco Client

If you considered Long Term Care Insurance, I suggest you contact Mike Minter. He is low-keyed approach made this decision far easier than I suspected it would be.

C.C., Amherst, NY - Mintco Client

I have dealt with Shawn Byrne from MINTCO FINANCIAL and could not be more satisfied. My wife and I decided to purchase Long Term Care Insurance. Shawn was very knowledgeable and led us in the right direction. There were so many companies and options to choose from that it became somewhat confusing.

Shawn was able to sort through all that and set us up with a Long Term Care Ins. Company that is ranked very highly and provided great coverage.

What also impressed me was that I live some distance from MINTCO FINANCIAL (approx 300 Miles) but it seemed like they were a neighborhood Company. They were so prompt in answering my calls and genuinely concerned about providing us with the best product and service. I would certainly deal with them again and would definitely recommend this company to anyone. They truly have the best interest of their clients at heart.

D.L., Plattsburgh, NY - Mintco Client

I would like to endorse you and the services you provided to me in 2005. I consider the John Hancock NYS Disability Program that you helped me with to be a cornerstone of my old age planning. This is a great plan and was very cost effective for me. Your recommendations were very helpful at the time.

O.M., Amherst, NY - Mintco Client

I can say you provided excellent personal service, especially in securing a reasonably priced long-term care insurance policy for my wife. I like the way you remain in frequent contact to address our changing needs.

J.P., Tonawanda, NY - Mintco Client

The N.Y. Partnership Plan is worth looking into. We recently briefly talked about the N.Y. State Partnership Plan for Long Term Care. It turns out to be a great way, in my opinion to preserve assets, if Nursing Home is required at a future date. Mike is a great guy and he won’t bother you. But if you are interested please give him a call.

K & P, Elma, NY - Mintco Client

Since no one knows what the future holds, this is a comfort to me to know there is something to fall back on. Can’t hurt to listen.

K.S., West Seneca, NY - Mintco Client

We have always felt gratitude for your guidance in helping us choose Long Term Care Insurance, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

D & E, Grand Island, NY - Mintco Client

My wife and I established a client relationship with Michael Minter in 2001. Our Estate Plan had gaps requiring professional guidance. Michael provided the financial expertise to guide us in making proper decisions. We purchased Long Term Care Insurance and approximately a year later a Life Insurance policy. Michael continues to correspond with us and is always willing to offer advice. Our confidence in him remains unabated. Regards.

J.M., East Amherst, NY - Mintco Client

Considering our future health and financial needs, Mike helped us decide upon Long Term Care Insurance that is workable for us. We are sure he can do the same for you.” “Thank you for all the communications sent during the year.

D & T, Williamsville, NY - Mintco Client

We are business owners and had Mike take a review of our estate plan. He took his time to explain everything in a way we could understand, after doing his homework with other professionals. We can not be more satisfied. Thank You.

J & J, Williamsville, NY - Mintco Client

I highly recommend Mike. My husband and I were worried about our retirement, not knowing if we could afford the same lifestyle. We had Mike review all our numbers, and came up with a guaranteed income plan backed by one of the top carriers. After reading all the negative articles about advisers, we feel fortunate to have someone who really cared about our situation once knowing all the facts.

A.C., Fort St.Lucia, FL - Mintco Client

I highly recommend “Mike Minter” we have known each other and created a wonderful business relationship because of the enthusiasm we both share concerning our work. Mike has a undying passion for helping others by providing quality services and insightful information. I have “never” seen someone who takes his work more seriously then Mike not only is he a hard worker but will go to great lengths to satisfy his clients and affiliates.

You’ve may have dealt with many financial advisers but I guarantee you none like “Mike” He loves his job but more than that loves to help his clients achieve the desired success they seek. So I urge you to see for yourself why doing business with Mike is not only invaluable but is one opportunity you do not want to pass.”

K.R., Buffalo, NY, Virginia - MIntco Client

As relatively new client of Mr. Michael Minter, I can only speak to our initial meetings. I am a novice regarding the financial world. As a result, I am often hesitant in making changes in my efforts to obtain financial security.

From our initial encounter, Mr. Minter conversed with me in language that I understood and made suggestions which reflected my long term goals. This enabled me to make informed decisions. In my opinion, Mr. Minter has demonstrated that he is interested in my welfare and is willing to assist me in these efforts. Since that time, I have shared these positive experiences with friends and relatives.

M.S., Williamsville, NY - Mintco Client

Our father passed away suddenly and my sister, brother and I were left with a lot of things that we did not know what or how to handle. MINTCO FINANCIAL was who my dad had dealt with for a number of years and I always remember him saying how Mike knew what he was doing and he had great trust in how he was handling his assets. When the time came for us to sit down and do all that needed to be done, Mike was wonderful, he took time to explain to us (in terms we could understand) on what we could do. Mike never once, pressured us on what to do or made us feel that we had to do things in a certain time table. After Mike was done with all explanations and advice, he actually called myself, my sister (who lives in Canada and has to deal with a whole other country and their laws and regulations) and brother and talked to us individually. Mike is a great financial advisor who knows what he is doing, he does his homework!!! Thank you, Mike.

P.S.: My sister, brother and myself all stayed on with MINTCO FINANCIAL.

P.S.S. I don’t know anyone who gets phone calls from their financial people, guess what? MIKE CALLS, just to say hi and see if you have any questions.

WOW! Can’t beat that!

G.L., East Amherst, NY - Mintco Client

I’m pleased that your personal interest in your clients’ lives is more important to you than amassing a fortune.

M.E., Buffalo, NY - Mintco Client

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